Flooding rainfall hit Albania badly in November 2017, causing one victim, as well as numerous homes
destroyed, transport facilities and infrastructure blocked in significant parts of the country.  More than 1500 people were evacuated from their home places due to the flooding.



GUS Albania staff and volunteers were engaged directly in responding to the emergency situation.
Under the coordination of the Governmental Emergency Committee, and the emergency fund provided
by GUS Italia, the organization intervened in the region of Fier (village of Kashisht) distributing 2.200 Kg
of food items, helping 150 families affected from the flood.




Following this experience, the organization is preparing a capacity building project for the involvement
of the Albanian civil society in response to civil emergencies, based on the Italian model.The project aims to train and engage CSOs and volunteers, to be prepared as real-time response body, and their
coordination with the authorities in responding to the civil emergencies in the country. This effort will be made possible with the support of GUS Albania twining partner, GUS Italy, and the Italian
Municipality of Parma.