The World Refugee Day has been converted onto a traditional commitment for GUS Albania which aims to increase awareness in the country regarding this global phenomenon. You can find below images from the events of the previous years.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2016, GUS Albania, together with UNHCR Albania, the Municipality of Tirana and the Director for Asylum in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Albania, organized an event at the Tirana RINIA park.

The organizing group opened the event with a series of short greeetings and speeches to warm the audience and to highlight the importance of celebrating the World Refugee Day The program followed with the screening of the “TURN” documentary, describing the lives of Syrian artists living in Refugee camps in Za’atari, in Jordan, Beirut, and Lebanon. These artists refuse to be called “victims”, and offer a new perspective on the resilience of Refugees. The film is a glimpse into the lives of those who torn from their land, cling to their roots, aware of the importance of preserving their identity and that of an entire nation through artistic expression.

The event continued with the photo exposition “The Balkan Route” by Alessandro Penso, a well-known Italian artist, active at international level and deeply concerned in reporting the refugee and migrant peoples’ lives, travels and stories.

On June 2017 GUS Albania commemorated the World Refugee Day at the open space “Reja” in Tirana. The event started with a photo exposition on refugees and migrants, and continued with several speeches from international and national actors and experts, including UNHCR representatives, the Mayor of Tirana, GUS Albania executive director,and concluded with a music concert.

A photo exhibition installed in the same venue offered to the audience a sharp insight on the challenges and difficulties that many people face when fleeing from conflicts or leaving their countries, as well as on the hard, but heart-touching, daily work of the operators and volunteers engaged in protection, integration, solidarity and humanitarian projects.