Dorjan Doka – GUS Albania Coordinator

PhD in “Politics, Culture and Development”, with a research in “The Rural Development Processes in Albania and the role of international policies and cooperation”. Master Degree on Cooperation and Development. Graduated with honors from University of Calabria, receiving also a degree award with final thesis on IPARD II (Instrument for Pre-adhesion Rural Development Program) for Albania 2014 -2020. Experienced on International Cooperation for Development Studies, Sociology, Rural Development Studies, Demography for Social Sciences, Agriculture and Rural Policies and Funding planning methods. Mr. Doka holds a Bachelor Degree in Tourism Sciences at the University of Calabria and he was a member of the European Project Planning Master (Europa Cube Innovation Business School) about European project planning for funding period 2014/2020 with final Project Work and particular attention to monitoring and evaluation phases. He is registered in EUPF Register of EU-Projects Designers and Managers.

Eldisa Cirogu

Academic Researcher, PhD candidate in Political Studies (The Development of strategies for prevention and transformation of international conflict according the Transcend Method). Media relations. Experienced in managing project development, in maintaining social media platforms and financial and narrative reporting.


Chiara Silvestri

Graduated with honors in “School and Community Psychology” at the University of Bologna. Expert in sexual objectification of girls and women, gender-based violence, youth empowerment, Erasmus + project management, non-formal education. Previous work experience in educational community for minors with psycho-social discomfort in Slovak Republic, and with children with speech and behavioral disorders in Italy. Currently volunteer at GUS Albania within the project of the Italian National Civil Service “You.Albania”

Boiken Sinaj

graduated in International Relations at the University of Pisa. Competences in International Relations, Geopolitics, Foreign Affairs, Political Sciences and Social Movement Studies. Knowledge of commerce, management, public administration, intercultural and migration policies and tourism planning. Co-founder and former referent of the Albanian Students Organization “Milosao” in Pisa (Italy), mainly focused on analysis of the socio-political transformation in the Albanian space. Previous work experiences in Communication at the European University Institute in Florence, Albanian Embassy in Rome, Turkish General Consulate in Florence, OSCE – ODIHR etc. Currently volunteer in Tirana at GUS Albania

Marco Adamo

graduating in International Relations at the University of Salento with competences in International Relations, Geopolitics, Foreign Affairs and Political Sciences. Previous work experiences as Communication Manager and press officer for events promotion through press channels and social networks, employee of the ngo Oxfam Italia as manager of a fundraising campaign, Employee at the International Relations Office of the University of Salento as responsible for tutoring and assistance for obtaining residence permit for non-EU professors and students, employee in a Tax Assistance Center as operator of tax certification. Member for two years of the board of directors (Consiglio di Amministrazione) at the University of Salento as student representative. In possession of the UEFA Grassroots C Licence and patent for first aid and use of the defibrillator. Currently volunteer at GUS Albania within the project of the Italian National Civil Service “You.Albania”.